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The Blue Boy Method

In my experience, a piece of communications generally fails for any of five reasons:

  • It takes too long to get to the point or doesn’t have a clear point in the first place.

  • It tries to do too much and ends up accomplishing nothing.

  • It displays ignorance of the audience/or the subject matter, signaling to readers that it’s not worth their time.

  • It’s filled with meaningless cliches, jargon, and gobbledygook that obfuscates its message.

  • It’s boring as all get out and fails to get the audience’s attention.

At Boy Blue Communications, we understand that today's audiences are busier and more attention-starved than ever. That’s why we aim for clarity, simplicity, and pinpoint precision in every communication we work on. Each project begins by asking questions:

- What is the purpose of this communication?
- Who is the intended audience?
- What does that audience currently know/think/feel about the subject and sender of the communication?
- What would you like the audience to know/think/feel after they consume this communication?
- What are the two or three (at most) key messages you’d like your audience to take away from this communication?
- What is the call to action, if any?


The answers to these questions frame the journey that this communication will take the audience on. The next step is research: digging into the subject matter, interviewing subject matter experts, talking with users and industry analysts to get that all-important external perspective.

Only then does the writing begin. Using proven storytelling techniques, we craft the piece in ways that capture people’s attention and carry them smoothly to the point or call to action. The end result is a hard-hitting communication that achieves your business objectives and moves your brand forward. 

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