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Break Through the Noise

Corporate America is awash in gobbledygook. Are your communications breaking through to your audiences or just adding to the noise? 

"Communication is the real work of leadership.

In business, there's nothing worse than being misunderstood. By your customers. By your employees. By Wall Street and the general public.

Your story is the essence of your business. While your business is complex, your story doesn't have to be. Put it in the hands of writers who know how to read a balance sheet as well as they know how to craft a compelling story.

With deep experience in corporate communications, PR, and Investor Relations, we can help you craft your story so it breaks through the noise and moves the needle of perception and valuation. 


"90 percent of all management problems are caused by miscommunication.

-Dale Carnegie



After a 30-year career as a journalist and communications leader for Fortune 500 technology companies, I'm now on my own doing what I love best: writing and storytelling.

As an author and blogger with both an MBA and a master's in creative writing, I know how to convey complex business and financial topics in simple, layman's language that gets people's attention. I love making the complex simple. I love making companies and executives approachable. I love getting to the core of a subject and giving it life.  

Let me bring my magic to your story and give it wings. 

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At Boy Blue Communications, corporate storytelling is all we do. Why pay big-agency prices for cookie-cutter content when you can have a professional writer deliver something special that will get you and your message noticed?

From financial and executive communications to PR and thought leadership, we specialize in cutting through the gobbledygook and delivering clear, crisp communications that get audiences to take action. 



“There is no one better than Jim in the arts of comms, PR, and social media." - Chief Sustainability Officer at 
Fortune 250 tech company


“... a savvy communicator with excellent judgment and leadership skills who knows how to use communications strategically to get results." - EVP at major cargo management provider 


“Not only is Jim a talented executive at media and investor relations, but he has an incredible knack for positioning and product placement." - Social entrepeneur and advisor 






Need expert writing help for an important communications project? Give us a sense of what you're looking for and we'll get back to you pronto. 

Thanks for your interest! We'll be back to you soon ...

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